Busy Planting Fruit Trees and Preparing Soil

G’day everyone,

We are busily planting fruit trees, and preparing soil for spring.

With spring beginning to spring, its a great time to start planting, and preparing the soil with compost and additives such as gypsum and effective microbes (EM). Check your pH, and see what you are dealing with, this will help to identify things you can do to help your soil and thus plants access their essential nutrients.

Tips, weed your garden beds, and add organic compost and or composted manures, add ‘good bugs’to your soil, with things like worm juice and comfrey liquid or gogo juice. Let the compost break down and the microbes work in the soil before planting. Then just before planting, when the soil is a little warmer, do your final weed and mulch strait away, to reduce the next round of weeds appearing.

Make sure when you transplant trees you give them a good prune, 1/3 off, to allow for the reduced root size, and to help reduce transplant stress and promote healthy root growth.

Choose good quality plants from a local growers or nursery persons.

Contact us if you need any help getting your garden growing

Great time to plant deciduous Fruit Trees

With all the rain we have had, the soil is nice and hydrated. It is a great time to plant out deciduous fruit trees, as they are all dormant now. Where possible it is best to get bare rooted fruit trees, as there roots have not been too heavily pruned. Make sure you dig a hole at least 2 x the depth and 2 x the width of the root zone. Improve the soil with gypsum and organic compost, making sure to dig it through with the natural soil. If you would like help designing or finding good fruit trees, feel free to contact us now. Thanks, Chris Day and the EDSL Team

We have moved to Aldinga Beach

For all those in the South of Adelaide, get in touch with us to arrange a site visit, consult, design, or install.

It is a great time for wild harvesting/neighbourhood exchanging  too, will lots of fruit dripping from the trees

Earthworks Practicum @ Yandoit in Victoria

Yandoit 1:400 fall Access and water harvesting road

Yandoit 1:400 fall Access and water harvesting road

On April 18th 2014 we returned from an excellent Earthworks Practical in Yandoit in Central Victoria.

We have returned skilled up and inspired for some larger scale projects in SA.

A great course was put on by Dan from VEG and Darren Doherty at Lisa and Michael Jacksons place, ‘Yandoit Farm’.

We learnt how to survey contours, and calculate a 1:400 fall on a dual purpose road/water catching surface, then the Earthworks team went about ‘reconstructive Earth Surgery’. We also marked out a keyline contour, and used the Yoemans plow to plow on this line, at equal intervals along the property.

We built much more than Dams, Roads and Keyline, we built strong community connections and skill sharing.

We got some great video footage too, so once we compress the videos, we will upload these too.

Check out the VEG website for more details. http://www.veryediblegardens.com/

See some photos below


Chris and Darren

Chris Day and Darren Doherty

Group Shot at Yandoit

Group Shot at Yandoit



Dam and Track

Dam and Track

Chris, Bridgett and Richard in Dam

Chris, Bridgett and Richard in Dam


Regrarians PDC, Dehas Felix, 2014

Recently attended Darren Doherty’s PDC on his property near Bendigo, Victoria.

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